Bare metal performance

Amber provides the bare metal performance of the Crystal Language.
It provides productivity and happiness through a powerful CLI and familiar design patterns seen in Kemal, Rails, Phoenix and other popular frameworks.

See how quickly you can get an amber app up and running:


Use code generation and scaffolding features to rapidly build prototypes.

MIT License

Amber is licensed under the MIT license which makes it perfect for use in Commercial applications.

MVC Conventions

Instead of having to plan where things go, Amber comes with a set of conventions to guide you in developing your application.

Build Secure Apps

Built-in tools for input validation, CSRF protection, Form tampering protection, SQL injection prevention, and XSS prevention, helping you keep your application safe and secure.

A beautiful Type Safe Language

Crystal inspired by Ruby is a statically type checked, so any type errors will be caught early by the compiler rather than fail on runtime. Crystal uses green threads, called fibers, to achieve concurrency.

The Right Amount of Tooling

The things you need are built-in. CLI, Translations, database access, caching, validation, authentication, including tools for deployments secrets encryption.

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Fork the project on GitHub

Amber is open source! It’s hosted, developed, and maintained on GitHub by folks like you.

Contribute On Github

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Community Driven

Contributing to Amber can be a rewarding way to learn, teach, and build experience in just about any skill you can imagine. Amber is a community effort and we want You to be part of ours.


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