We’ve put together some assets and guidelines to make use of
Amber Brand and Logos

Font Used In Amber Logo

Typography plays an important role in communicating an overall tone and quality. Careful use of typography reinforces your personality and ensures clarity and harmony in all design elements.


To have an eye-pleasing view, the corners are rounded and the lowercases are made smaller than the standard. With its soft structure, it is aimed to be legible even in the small sizes and also to be suitable for usage as webfont and application font.

Local Brewery

Local Brewery is a vintage inspired font collection that includes six script styles and two sans serif styles. Script styles include a ripple edged, smooth or rough version. The sans serif styles include a ripple edged or rough version.

minimo font local brewery font

Logo variations

Amber has light & dark logos. Use the dark logo version on lighter backgrounds & light version on multi-colored and dark backgrounds whenever the original color of the logo doesn’t fit with the rest of the palette.


Primary & Complementary

Amber has a palette of colors that consists of one primary color plus two shades.
Consistent use of these colors will contribute to a cohesive and harmonious look.

Primary Color

HEX | #E67E25

Rgb | 230, 126, 37

HSL | 28, 79, 52

Lighter Shade

HEX | #F0B480

Rgb | 240, 180, 128

HSL | 28, 79, 72

Darker Shade

HEX | #944D10

Rgb | 148, 77, 16

HSL | 28, 79, 32

Complementary Color

HEX | #258DE5

Rgb | 37, 141, 229

HSL | 208, 79, 52